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Warehouse Returns Administrator



Job description

Job Overview

The Warehouse Returns Administrator is responsible for the returns process within the warehouse. This role plays a vital role in ensuring efficient handling of customer and vendor returns and supporting customer satisfaction. 

Key Responsibilities

• Returns Processing: Receive, inspect, and process customer and vendor returns in accordance with established warehouse procedures and guidelines.

• Quality Control: Conduct thorough inspections of returned items to assess their condition, verify quantities and determine eligibility for refund, exchange, or disposal.

• Documentation: Accurately record return details, reasons and actions taken in the warehouse management system or designated returns tracking system.

• Communication: Liaise with customer service representatives, vendors and shipping carriers to resolve return-related inquiries, provide status updates, and ensure timely resolution of issues.

• Refunds and Exchanges: Coordinate with finance or accounting team to initiate refund processes, ensuring compliance with company policies and guidelines.

• Root Cause Analysis: Analyse return data to identify trends, patterns and common issues, collaborating with relevant teams to address root causes and implement preventative measures.

• Vendor Relations: Communicate with vendors to facilitate return shipments, negotiate return agreements and resolve disputes or discrepancies.

• Metrics and Reporting: Generate reports on return metrics, including return rates, reasons and costs, to provide insights for process improvement and cost reduction, responsible for management of online returns system that runs company wide.

• Compliance: Stay updated on relevant regulations, industry standards and internal policies related to returns and ensure compliance through the returns process.

Skills and Experience

• Prior experience in a warehouse environment and returns administration position would be an advantage.

• Knowledge of warehouse management systems and returns tracking software is desirable.

• Must be able to demonstrate strong attention to detail in order to accurately inspect returned items, document information and maintain data integrity.

• Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.

• Suitable candidates will ideally have an analytical mindset and problem-solving skills to identify root causes of returns and propose solutions.

• Must be able to prioritise and manage multiple returns simultaneously.

• Provide exceptional customer service, addressing customer concerns and resolving issues promptly.

• Be able to confidently liaise with cross-functional teams such as Sales, Stock Control and Finance to ensure an efficient returns process.


• Pension scheme

• Death in Service Scheme

• Employee discount

• Discretionary annual bonus, based on company performance

• Extra holiday after one year

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